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About us

A few words about Inspirus Credit Union

We are a not-for-profit credit union valued most for our contributions to education. By using our financial services, you are furthering our mission to support schools and educational institutions all over the state of Washington. Not only that, you are personally benefiting from more free services, lower loan rates, and better returns on deposits than most big banks. That’s because the more we save, the more our members save.

Discover what 80,000+ valued members already know!

We give our members the power to:

 Save money
Save money. Our members embrace our low-cost service delivery with shared branches, ATMs, and our comprehensive Digital Banking Platform. Thanks to them we can offer low, competitive rates and budget-friendly terms! Plus, we provide money-saving tools to help achieve your financial goals.
 Stand up for education
Stand up for education. When you support Inspirus Credit Union, you support Washington schools. Our charitable giving benefits education, and we offer free financial seminars to help school employees and students make the most of their money.
 Bank anywhere
Bank anywhere. We bring your accounts to you 24 hours a day, wherever you are:
 Rest easy
Rest easy. Not only are your deposits federally insured to $250,000 through the NCUA (the credit union equivalent of FDIC), we double your peace of mind with an additional $250,000 of private insurance coverage.

Our History

When Seattle math and journalism teacher Robert J. Handy founded the credit union in 1936, the idea of a financial institution owned and operated by the people who saved there was a new (and some said radical) concept. The Washington Legislature had legalized credit unions only two years earlier.

The credit union first set up shop at a small desk in the Education Department at the Seattle Public Library. To get the word out, Mr. Handy typed the first Bulletin on a mimeograph master, ran off copies, and distributed them via principals' boxes at the Central Office.

Despite what must have seemed like long odds, the credit union met milestone after milestone: extending membership statewide in 1949; reaching $1 million in assets by 1952; and ranking as the state's second-largest credit union by 1960.

Today, members trust us with over $1 billion in assets. Although a lot has changed since 1936, one thing remains the same: You're the reason we're here, and we're honored to serve you!

Meet our board

  • Board Member Since: 2/21/2018
  • CU Term Expiration: 2021
  • Primary Occupation: Government Affairs Manager, Tacoma Parks and Rec
  • Board Member Since: 10/10/2010
  • CU Term Expiration: 2019
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) President, Big Bend College
  • Board Member Since: 8/26/2004
  • CU Term Expiration: 2021
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) Superintendent, Auburn School District
  • Board Member Since: 3/31/1985
  • CU Term Expiration: 2021
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) Executive Director of Human Resources, Marysville SD
  • Board Member Since: 1/3/1989
  • CU Term Expiration: 2020
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) President, Inspirus Credit Union
  • Board Member Since: 1/1/2000
  • CU Term Expiration: 2021
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) Teacher & School Administrator
  • Board Member Since: 8/26/2004
  • CU Term Expiration: 2020
  • Primary Occupation: (Retired) President, Green River Community College
  • Associate Board Member Since: 5/23/2018
  • CU Term Expiration: 2020
  • Primary Occupation: Vendor Manager,
  • Associate Board Member Since: 5/23/2018
  • CU Term Expiration: 2019
  • Primary Occupation: CEO, EoScene Corporation

    Board of Directors Compensation

    Inspirus has a dedicated and experienced Board of Directors that commits considerable time and effort to leading the credit union. In recognition of their service, Inspirus began providing financial compensation to Board members, as approved by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions in January 2017.

    Board Member2018 CompensationExpected 2019 Compensation
    Andrew Austin$7,700$8,400
    Brian Benzel*$8,400$700
    William Bonaudi$8,400$8,400
    Linda Cowan$8,400$8,400
    Shirley Liu-Hodgson$7,700$8,400
    Sandra Kurack$8,400$8,400
    Roger Reimer$8,400$8,400
    Richard Rutkowski$8,400$8,400
    Benjamin Basson**-$0
    Geof Griebel**-$0

    Board members are compensated $700 for each regularly scheduled Board meeting.

    *Board Member is retiring in 2019.
    **Associate Board Members not compensated.