Education, our passion. Giving back, our promise.

Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report Highlights

President and Chair’s Message

As parents, teachers, and mentors, we often tell young graduates to “follow their passion” as they choose the career paths that will shape their lives. And we hope that one day, they’ll find a way to use their unique talents to enrich the communities where they live.

At Inspirus, those hopes bear fruit every day as members’ shared passion for education benefits all corners of our state. Your choice to “bank with a purpose” fuels the Inspirus business model where doing good also means doing well.

Rooted in giving back to education

For 80 years, Inspirus has been giving back to education and continues to make Washington a great place to learn. In 2018, Inspirus gave $651,619 to education, benefiting thousands of students in hundreds of schools statewide. These givebacks are at the root of Inspirus and is what connects our members statewide.

Report from the Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee’s major responsibilities are to ensure an independent audit is performed at least annually and the account balances of the membership are verified. The Committee is pleased to report that for 2018 Inspirus Credit Union is a financially sound organization dedicated to serving its members.

Financial Report

It was a great year for the credit union and we’re looking to grow even more with your help. The bigger we get, the more we can give back to our members and the education community in the coming years.

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