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Robert J. Handy working on a typewriter

Providing Washington’s community of educators, their families, and friends with world-class financial products and services is only half our job. The other half is providing a financial education that empowers them—you—to thrive financially.

This tradition of educating our educators goes back more than 80 years to when our founder, Robert J. Handy, used the technology of the day to begin distributing a bulletin with helpful financial advice. Over the decades, this bulletin evolved into the Teacher’s Money Handbook, a free guide with tips on everything from finding the best insurance coverage for the least money to how to purchase a home or a car. The Teacher’s Money Handbook proved to be a big hit—within the span of only a few months, thousands of the booklets were requested and sent out.

Today, we’re carrying on Mr. Handy’s tradition with an updated version made for everyone: Your Money Handbook. Whether you’re starting your first savings account or planning for retirement, Your Money Handbook is the number one resource in Washington for money management and financial products that will help you reach your goals.


At Inspirus, we believe education is power. That’s why we’re dedicated to investing in education in and out of the classroom through commitments to generous giving, community involvement, and providing financial guidance resources.

Inspirus Credit Union, formerly Seattle Teachers’ Credit Union, received its charter on May 1, 1936, on the heels of a decade of the most severe economic downturn in the United States. Sumner High School math teacher, Robert J. Handy, started with five dollars and a simple mission: teachers helping teachers. Mr. Handy knew that a credit union would allow teachers to help each other through the financial instability and strife of the Great Depression. He recruited a number of fellow educators and University of Washington professors. With a little cash and a lot of hope and enthusiasm, Seattle Teachers’ Credit Union started serving educators across the state of Washington.

Seattle Teacher's Credit Union first location

Today, Inspirus serves the entire state of Washington—not just educators—and we continue Mr. Handy’s legacy by returning five percent of our net profits to Washington schools through our give-back program. Another way we continue Mr. Handy’s legacy is through Your Money Handbook. In May of 1962, Mr. Handy produced the first edition of Teacher’s Money Handbook—a teacher’s guide to money management and financial literacy. In keeping with providing free, valuable financial advice, Your Money Handbook is Washington’s No. 1 resource for money management and financial education. From understanding the nuances of an annual percentage rate to securing your first car loan, Your Money Handbook can help set you on the path to reach your financial goals.