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A savings account isn’t just a product; it’s a habit. Stanley “Stan” McNaughton, Inspirus Credit Union CEO from 1984–1998, once said, “Bad habits start as cobwebs and become cables. You must master your habits or they’ll master you.” Stan was full of truisms, and more often than not, they were directly applicable to financial literacy—and in turn, financial freedom. Whether you’re buying your first car or putting a down payment on your home, creating a savings habit can make your financial goals a reality.

But having goals for the future without creating new habits is sort of like getting a new bike without any tires. You’ve got to create new habits. That might seem daunting, especially when it comes to saving money. But with great features like online banking and direct deposit, you can create healthy habits that don’t require constant monitoring. Small changes, like directly depositing five percent of your paycheck into a dedicated savings account, add up—and allow you to make a real, long-term impact on your financial future.

Building a healthy savings account isn’t about changing everything overnight. It’s about a sustained, habitual commitment to taking control of your finances, one day (and one dollar!) at a time.