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Green River IT

Green River IT

Green River College’s IT Program

In today’s digital world, software development is one of the fastest-growing fields in the job market. A BLS study in 2014 projected 10-year growth in software jobs at a whopping 17%, which is one of the highest growth percentages across U.S. industries. Software jobs are in high-demand, pay great wages, and often lead to high levels of job satisfaction.

However, even with this groundbreaking growth, there is a notorious lack of women in software development, and female software developers often report feeling alone, and the odd one out being the only woman on a team of otherwise all-males.

Green River College’s IT Program works to even the playing field by encouraging women to pursue computer science degrees. One in three enrollees in the program are women, and they are able to learn coding in settings where they feel welcome and empowered.

The program is also home to traditional students, transitioning Veterans, international students, and career changers alike, providing a diverse selection of perspectives and ideas. Diverse teams have developed to some of the most ground-breaking tech advances in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the IT Program hopes to foster future breakthroughs through its work. By promoting this diversity, Green River College proves that all you need to thrive in coding is a growth mindset, a strong work ethic, and an unending curiosity about why tech works the way it does.

Inspirus is happy to announce its support for the Green River IT Program. We have dedicated our community wall to celebrating the program and the achievements of its participants. Come check it out in our Tukwila branch!