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Move Your Accounts

Tired of bank fees and minimum balance requirements? Here are four easy steps to help you move your accounts and leave all that behind.

Just follow our four easy steps below to closure and freedom!

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Step 1: Open your new account

Choose from our list of account options, then open the account in a few simple steps.

Step 2: Make the switch worry free!

Ensure you don’t get caught in a cash crunch while transitioning accounts by opting for our Member First loan or Savings-Secured loan. Apply today!

Step 3: Move automatic deposits and payments.

First, make a list of automatic payments that will need to be re-routed to your new checking account using the Automatic Payment Checklist.

Next, use our Payroll Authorization form (PDF) to re-route your payroll deposits and return to your payroll office.

Then, use the Automatic Payment Change Form to help you switch any automatic deductions coming out of your old account to be deducted from your new. Please refer to the Instructions for Electronic Deposits letter you received with your membership package for the account number information required to complete the form.

Be sure to check out our Direct Deposit tutorial (PDF) for more info.

Step 4: Verify and transfer.

Once you’re sure all checks have cleared, payroll deposits have transferred, and automatic payments are now being deducted from your new account, use the Checking Account Closure Notification to transfer any remaining funds.

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