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Subject Matter Experts

Do you need to localize a national story? Or are you looking for a knowledgeable authority who can speak on behalf of the financial services industry? Our experts can translate complex financial information from a variety of topics into interesting and conversational language for your news story.

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Products & Services

Talk with our experts about the products and services the financial industry offers today’s consumers. Their needs and the status of the economy paves the way for financial institutions to support consumers by increasing or decreasing rates, changing product stipulations, and more.

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Giving Back to Education

Over 35,000 students in Washington are homeless. Inspirus supports students who start the school year without the necessary school supplies to ensure a successful start to the school year. We also give back to educators through in-kind donations of school supplies delivered right to their classroom. Join us in sharing a story of inspiration with your audience.

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Financial Health

Our financial health experts can provide recommendations for those who want to learn about saving, paying off debt, managing and growing their finances, and more. Curious about millennial’s spending habits or what services can help consumers save for retirement? Our subject matter experts can speak to that.

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State of the Economy

Our professionals are up-to-date with current trends in the banking industry regarding economic growth, slowdown and predictions. How do changes in federal interest rates impact consumers locally? We can lend our expertise to economy and banking stability, and provide statistics based on what we’re seeing in the local and national markets to strengthen your story.

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Banking Technology

The emergence of technology is transforming the way people live. The financial services industry is changing in a way where consumers have the expectation for instant transactions and access to their money 24/7 from anywhere globally. Our experts can speak to how technology is transforming the banking space, and what new technology is at the forefront of banking.

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Banking & Financial Industry Trends

Our experts can speak to what’s going on in the banking and finance industry and translate complex data into digestible information for today’s consumers.